FUNdevelopment Program (U6 to U9)

FUNdevelopment Program (U6 to U9)

The FUNdevelopment Program is the second stage of soccer development that our players go through. However, we have to recognize that in this stage there are players who are participating in the sport for the first time.

In line with the Long-Term Player Development Model (LTPD), the most important focus at this age is the continued development of physical literacy, and the recognition that individual technique development is paramount. That being said, coaches at this stage have to create a learning environment that is stimulating and engaging where players learn in a fun-filled small-sided game environment.

The programs now start to move into a team format where teams will begin to play against other teams within their own organization.

The goal of our program is to provide a rewarding, enjoyable soccer-playing experience for all participants, regardless of their skill level. Player development sessions are included in all divisions up to U11 and focus on building each player's confidence with the ball, under the supervision of our development coaches and their team coaches. The use of the GAG Model – Game Activity Game – allows for a balance of coaching a specific topic within a game, developing that topic in the activity and allowing the players to implement that in the game for themselves without coaches constantly talking. The second game is vital to allow players to make mistakes or do something great and so learn for themselves. Coaches will be there to encourage for this game and ensure player rotation.

Further development will be available with senior technical staff through ‘Train to be Nitro” – additional training starting after the second week of sessions. More information will be available closer to the time.

Phase Time Activity Emphasis
Get Organised 3 mins Coaches set up players for game Learning the area
Game 14 mins

2 x 6 mins halves
with 2 mins
for transition

A coach-led, player-centered game.
This game is focused on a particular
each week with potential for
conditions attached 
e.g. set number of
touches/passes required. 

Referees used as teachers of the rules.

Learning the area
Engaging the players
Movement with/out a ball
Break 2 mins   Hydration/Rest
Activity 13 mins  Activity based on new technique each week.
Will follow focus of coached game.
Ball Control

Movement with a ball
Break 2 - 3 mins   Hydration/Rest
Game 24 mins

2 x 11 mins halves
with 2 mins
Games where coaching is non-existent.
Players allowed to learn through
playing the game, making mistakes
and correcting for themselves
Ball Control

Learning the game


  • The game time will increase towards the end of the season to reflect the game time played in the festival/finals weekend.
  • U6: 3 on the field without a keeper; roster of 6.
  • U7 & U8: 5 on the field including a keeper; roster of 10.
  • U9: 7 on the field including a keeper, roster of 12.

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