Rules of the Game


a) Substitution is unlimited with the referee’s permission.
b) Substitution shall only be allowed as follows:

i. At a goal kick
ii. When the referee has signaled for a stoppage of play as a result of an injury.
iii. After a goal has been scored.
iv. At the commencement of a second half and/or overtime periods.
v. On your own throw-ins.
vi. FOR MINOR GAMES ONLY substitution will be allowed as above plus at corner kicks and all throw-ins.

NB Referees must be notified of all substitutions made.

c) For teams that play 11 aside no games shall be started unless both teams can field seven (7) players.
d) For teams that play 7 aside no games shall be started unless both teams can field (5) five players. Any team failing to do this shall forfeit the game to its opposition. Three Points and a score of 3-0 shall be recorded for the winning team.
e) No team will be permitted to field more than the opposing team at the start of the game with substitution as per the Rules & Regulations.
f) NB In the event of a draw in any house league tournament or playoff semifinal or Championship game the decision will be made by a “shoot out”.
g) Any game terminated by the referee due to inclement weather shall be deemed complete if the second half has begun.
h) Any coach that forfeits or “pulls” his/her team off the playing field after the commencement of a match will be subject to a 5-0 loss to the opposing team and coach will be reviewed by the disciplinary committee.
i) If the Referee abandons the game as a result of the misconduct of any player, coach or team supporter, the team that caused the game abandonment shall be deemed to forfeit the game. If the other team is winning the game when it is abandoned, then the score of the game shall be considered final and the other team shall be awarded the victory. If the other team is losing the game when it is abandoned, then the final score shall be deemed to be won by a one goal margin in favour of the other team.