Summer Camp


Age Requirement: U14+
Description: Assist GTSC Summer Camp sta? with activities.
Duties include daily prep for camp, setting up drills, assisting the younger campers, help deliver activities, and ensuring all campers have FUN at camp.

Time Commitment: (9am - 4:30pm) 4 ? 8 hour days during the week in the summer.
Volunteers are placed in summer camp when needed, therefore a speci?c number of hours each week cannot be guaranteed.

Accurate Description of what it will be like to play at each age group. Active Start (U3-U5)
“First steps, first kicks” This is an introductory level course, where the objective is to get children moving and to keep them active. Programs like this help provide an exciting and rewarding experience in the world of Soccer Coaching.

FUNdamentals (U7-U9)
“Fun with the Ball” Skill development at this stage should be well structured, positive and FUN; and should concentrate on developing the ABC’s of Agility, Balance and Coordination plus Speed. Coaches should create a stimulating learning environment with emphasis on freedom and fun.

Learning to Train (U11-U13)
“The Golden Age of Learning” The effect of the role model is very important at this stage. Children begin to identify with famous players and successful teams, and they want to learn imaginative skills. Skill demonstration is very important and the players learn best by “doing”. Players are now moving from self–centred to self–critical, and they have a high stimulation level during basic skills training.

Soccer for Life (U13+)
“Soccer for Health and Growth” This stage requires a fun and challenging environment to keep players interested and active in soccer. These recreational and competitive players will enjoy and benefit from exciting and stimulating practices and games

The Greater Toronto Soccer Club have an open door policy for dealing with concerns. Problems should be identified as soon as possible and dealt with at the earliest possible time. Apart from our 24 hour rule, we insist that in advance of dealing with any concerns that both parties agree to disagree in a non confrontational manner.
Should you have an issue that cannot be resolved with your coach directly we would ask that you contact the Technical Director or Director of Programs so that we can proactively deal with it in the best interests of your child.