Team Co-Coach

Position: Recreational Coach (Co-Coach) U4 to U18

Commitment - Attend most games/sessions during the season and at the end-of-season Festival or Cup.


    • - Fun for all participants (players and coaches).
    • - Instruction in soccer skills (per OSA/club curriculum for the age group).
    • - Active participation and encouragement of fair play and good sportsmanship.
    • - Introduction to positional play and individual roles on the team.
    • - Encouragement of self-confidence and individual skill development through positive reinforcement.

Personal Traits/Qualities

    • - Leadership skills, patience, understanding, fair-mindedness and sportsmanlike approach.
    • - Interest in soccer and some knowledge of the game.

Training offered (course fees covered by the club)

    • - OSA Coaching Clinics offered throughout the year.
    • - Pre-season club-organized community coaching classes.

Support offered

    • - On the field by technical staff: development coaches (one per team for U4 and U5; one per 2 teams for U6 to U10) and senior technical staff.
    • - Coaching manual (on the club website and in print form in a binder provided).
    • - Non-technical support from Convenor and office staff.


    • - Be a positive role model at all times, embracing NTSC values and principles.
    • - Distribute equipment and uniforms issued by the club (at or before the first session).
    • - Ensure that players always wear team uniforms ad appropriate footwear and shin guards.
    • - Communicate with parents, Convenor and NTSC staff.
    • - Be familiar with and adhere to soccer rules, club policies, the NTSC Coach Code of Conduct, and the OSA Harassment Policy.
    • - Co-ordinate with other volunteer coach to prepare for and lead instructional activities.
    • - Ensure equal playing time for all players regardless of ability.
    • - Complete and submit player evaluations in a timely manner.


    • - Minimum age of 16.
    • - Valid police clearance check required for non-parent coaches and coaches of U16-U18 teams.